Submitted by Larry Zimmer
July 4, 2022

I finally made it to my first planned event of 2022 at EPJ field!  I arrived early afternoon and there were a lot of members with aircraft already there.  I missed seeing a fuel-powered Jet fly.  There was a variety of aircraft there.  The flying ability of the pilots never ceases to amaze me and especially a young man with an orange shirt on!  There was one pilot that flew extremely fast and I am sure his aircraft was less than 12 inches above the field at times.  From where I was standing every time the aircraft made a high speed pass it was so low I was sure it hit the ground!  I left around 4:30 and there were many folks still there. 

The weather did not lend itself for taking photos of the fly by’s because of the clouds and light rain at times.  Many times again I had to wait until the pilot called “Landing” so the aircraft would slow down enough for me to snap a photo.  And thankfully there were no crashes or close calls.  Picking photos to include here was again difficult.


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